Romanian Wine Industry Overview

Romanian Wine Industry Overview

In 2019, the global area under which vines are grown, corresponding to the total area planted with vines for all purposes (wine, table grapes and raisins), including young vines not yet in production, is estimated at 7, 4 million hectares (kha).

The surface in Romania has stabilized at 191 kha since 2015 and represents 2.6% of the world surface indicated above, of 7.4 kha.

In Romania, wine production in the last 5 years was: 2015 = 3.6 mhl; 2016 = 3.3 mhl; 2017 = 4.3 mhl; 2018 = 5.1 mhl; 2019 = 4.9 mhl. Versus 2018, production in 2019 was 4% lower. And compared to global production, Romanian production represents only 1.9%.

In Romania, wine consumption in the last 5 years was: 2015 = 4.0 mhl; 2016 = 3.8 mhl; 2017 = 4.1mhl; 2018 = 3.9 mhl; 2019 = 3.9 mhl. Compared to global consumption, Romanian production represents only 2%.

Romanian Wine Exports

In 2018, the value of wines exported from Romania was 30.4 million euros or 3.5% of total wine production in Romania, an increase in terms of value (13.4%) and quantity (14%) compared to 2017. The value of wine imports in 2018 was 62.9 million euros, a significant decrease (-28%) in quantitative terms, but also an increase of 5.8% in terms of value.

Romanian Wine Trade in USA

Romania ranked 6th among European wine producers and one more than honorable 15th place in the world's top manufacturers, but no longer performs as well in terms of exports, which were only 23.4 million liters of wine in 2019 or 6% of total production (domestic consumption being thus the majority). However, although the share of exports in total production is particularly small, the volumes exported last year reached an all-time high, practically doubling in the 2016-2019 period.

The main destination countries for Romanian wine exports in 2019 are Germany (EUR 6.275 million for a total of 4.204 million liters), United Kingdom (EUR 5.200 million for a total of 3.105 million liters), The Netherlands (EUR 3.997 million for a total of 2.503 million liters). 

USA is the 6th largest export destination for Romanian wine with a value of EUR 1.422 million for a total of 0.817 million liters.

Open The Romanian Wine Program Overview

Open The Romanian Wine, a Carrefour long-term program to support local wine producers 

The vision

It's time to talk about wine. About your passion for a good wine, but especially about the courage to choose a Romanian one. When you open it, you are closer to the stories told by local producers through the fruit of their labour, you support them and give them the opportunity to surprise your tastes. In the evenings with friends at sunset, at dinner with your loved one or when you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, a success. Your passion for Romanian wine, the quality of our lands and the tradition combined with the vision of the new generations of local producers, together, we believe we can bring Romanians to believe in the potential of their wines and, in the long run, we can put Romania on the international wine map.

Program development

The program started in 2019 from the Carrefour philosophy of supporting, on the long run, local wine producers and the local wine industry. Romania is the 6th largest wine producer in Europe and 12th globally and the wine industry has a major social and economic impact in Romanian communities.

1.       The wines in the program are curated by a team of experts: Mircea Niculescu, Wine Buyer and sommelier with over 18 years of experience in the industry, together with Marinela Ardelean, Carrefour's external wine consultant, wine critic, author and juror in international wine competitions and spirits. They select the wines from all 7 wine regions of the country.

2.       Carrefour provides winemakers with consultancy to enter retail and consolidate their businesses.

3.       Then, we promote the wines, the stories of the wineries and ideal and surprising pairings – online, TV, events and instore.

The program in split in 3 pillars:

1. Regional – through which we promote small, local wines and wineries from all 7 wine regions in Romania.

2. Carrefour Exclusive – through which we develop, with the most reputable Romanian wine makers, high quality, affordable wines to be sold exclusively in Carrefour stores.

3. Premium – through which we sell a selection of international-level local wines.


The selection of regional wines brings in the stores wines from each of the 7 Romanian wine regions, labels from 31 small and medium wineries, wineries chosen for the attention they show to the production process, the care for the wine and the value that their business brings to the community.

Carrefour Exclusive

In 2021, the number of exclusive Carrefour labels is twice as high as last year, and now, 32 wines are entrusted only to our shelves, by 13 renowned Romanian wineries: Aurelia Vișinescu, Domeniu Bogdan, Via Viticola, Davino Winery, The Iconic Estate, Avincis, Domeniile Averești, Gramofon, MaxiMarc, Villa Vinea, Rotenberg, Domeniile Prince Matei and Jidvei. They are the first in an initiative through which we offer unique products in Romania, which you can find only in Carrefour stores and online, in the WineSquare section on and through the Bringo application.

4 of them, the Horses from Letea Geneza Chardonnay, Caii de la Letea Geneza Rose, Etika Fetească Neagră and Etika Fume were medaled by the jury at The International Wine Contest Bucharest VINARIUM 2020, and Mysterium Pinot Noir Roze was medaled with gold in 2021 at the international competition in France, Challenge International Du Vin.


The wines most appreciated by consumers become available locally and nationally. The program brings in the spotlight over 120 wines from 30 renowned local wineries all validated by experts and loved by connoisseurs. They are stored at wine cellar parameters and can be discovered in any Carrefour hypermarket and online, in the WineSquare section on and through the Bringo app.